Our Story

Hello! My name is David Roanhorse,

the founder, and owner of the Roanhorse Brand.

I was raised on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Being native and growing up on the Navajo reservation was challenging because economic opportunities were rare. During my adolescent years, I loved and competed in sports. My team and I were talented but it was disheartening to us that we could not afford basic sports equipment.

I recall many students would not participate in sports due to a lack of money to purchase sports equipment. I know that this is still an issue on the reservations and this company will focus on helping these students, allowing them to participate and thrive.

Vision & Mission

As a natural problem solver, this company was created with passion for fashion and to making an impact burden by donating 10% of my profits to athletes on the Navajo reservation to help fund sports equipment. Our vision is to be able to expand the assistance to hundreds of Native American tribes across the county

About the Company

We only source sustainable fabrics for the products we offer. This Minnesota-based company provides fashion with a snug and sexy fit, all while promoting sustainability and fairness.

Who are we giving to?

We are going to help low-income Native Americans access high-quality sports equipment. I was fortunate to participate in cross country, track and field, swimming, and wrestling throughout my youth. Sports always helped me challenge my body and mind. Giving me a relentless and positive attitude to help foster mental health and growth as a student and in my professional life. Participating in sports plants the seed of creating a life of accountability, joy, challenge, and health.

These personal attributes are an essential element to increase individuals' success. We are aware of the barriers that prevent individuals from participating in sports and will try our best to bridge that gap.

As we grow, it will be our focus to expand the number of tribes we can assist in America.

So why sports?

Sports are very popular on the reservation and keeps the youth engaged. Team sport gave me a home, family, and hope I needed to pursue my dreams. The activities challenged and strengthened both my body and mind, creating a relentless and positive attitude to help foster mental health and growth as a student and in my professional life. Starting by designing beautiful sustainable clothing that fits most body types. Starting with the essentials: underwear. Our company will help young Native American athletes have access to better sports equipment than I had growing up.

About the Navajo

Our first design is inspired by the work of Navajo artists in an effort to bring awareness to the issues that the Navajo Reservation face. The Navajo Nation is the largest tribe in the United States of America. Not all Navajo people need help, but the Navajo tribe is characterized by an alarming degree of poverty. These are the current statistics for residents on the Navajo reservation:

● 38% of the Navajo Nation’s residents live in poverty.

● The unemployment rate is over 19%.

● 40% do not have access to water in their homes.

● 60% of residents do not have access to fixed internet in their homes.

● Approximately 10% do not have electricity in the household.

● Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death on the reservation. The rate of suicide and other health issues is even higher in LBGTQ+ communities in Native Americans than in other American minorities.

These statistics are unacceptable in the wealthiest country in the world. Roanhorse Brands will do our part to help create opportunities for the tribe. Learn more about the Navajo Nation.


Purvis Lively, C. (2021). COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation Without Access to Running Water : The lasting effects of Settler Colonialism. Voices in Bioethics, 7. https://doi.org/10.7916/vib.v7i.7889

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